Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ski Trip

Just got home this afternoon from a little ski trip to Colorado.  My buddy Trevor and I flew out of KC on Wednesday night, arriving in Denver at about 8:30.  We headed to the rental car place and when we got there the lady behind the counter inevitably tried to sell me on an upgrade.  We had reserved a full size, an Impala to be specific, and she tried to get me into an SUV.  I knew it wasn't going to be snowy so I declined.  We walked outside with the sales lady to pick up our car and we walked by a Dodge Ram (hemi) and she said if we wanted it we could take it for an extra $10 a day.  Sold.  We eventually made it to Trevor's parent's house around midnight on Wednesday night.  The next morning we drove over to Copper mountain for the first ski day of the season.  We met my dad's best friend Fred, who I've been skiing with for about 12 years now, for a few runs in the morning.  The snow was pretty good, Summit county has been getting a ton of snow and there was still some really soft snow on the mountain.  We took a few runs with Fred before he had to leave around 11:30.  We caught up with my cousins, Nick and Eric and his wife Brianne (hope I spelled that right...), for a few runs to finish out the day.  Around 3 we ate some food, had a beer and left for Aspen.

Our buddy Ryan has been living in Aspen for the past six years now and I think we've been out there for 5 of his six years.  He's well connected enough to get us in to some nice restaurants and we always have a great time out there.  Skied Aspen mountain on Friday, it was pretty awesome.  Not as much snow in Aspen as Summit county, but we cruised the groomers all day and had a blast.  We took the bus out to the X-games, which they hold on Buttermilk mountain, on Friday night.  It was an experience.  Those athletes are certifiable.  We watched the ski super pipe, some snowboarders practicing the best trick and snowmobiles hitting the speed and style track.  The features at the X-games are unbelievably large.  I don't mean that metaphorically, I mean they are literally UNBELIEVABLE.  The guys are absolutely crazy.  I've got some pics and video, and I know Trevor does too so we'll put some stuff up at some point.

We skied HIghlands on Saturday.  I demoed some skis for the day since I've been on the same skis since 2004 or 05.  It was a great decision.  Technology has come a long way on 6 or 7 years and I had a blast on the new skis.  I think I've decided to demo skis from now on, that way I can ski on new stuff every year without having to shell out a few hundred bucks to buy skis.

I always have a great time in the mountains.  Amanda and I will make a trip out this summer, I've got plans to hike Torrey's peak with Fred.  That's where my father's ashes are scattered and I haven't been up there since.


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